Mitra Jahanmiry – FOUNDER & CEO:

Mitra Jahanmiry is a Master Stylist and the Founder/CEO of Zoomdo. Mitra worked in Orlando’s downtown financial district at Central Florida’s trendiest salon as a Master stylist with her degree in Cosmetology. Shortly after Mitra opened her own salon, NiMi Salon within the same area she previously worked in. Through her experience as a Master Stylist working in a condensed area of professionals, Mitra watched their strict schedules on a day to day basis noticing her clients squeezing appointments between their hectic 9-5 schedules. She found this to be a huge problem. She also often encountered many of her business professional clients complain about employee benefits and mentioned often the convenience of the salon being adjacent to their work building would be quite the convenience with their inability to travel far in between their busy corporate schedules – another embodiment of the value of mobile services – this is how Mitra birthed ZoomDo.

Mitra is the only current member in charge of all decision making, management and the creation of ZoomDo.

Our Mission

Our mission is to service working professionals to get pampered through our mobile salon.

We value customer service, team work, and communication to fulfill our clients wants tailored specifically to their needs.

What We Do

ZoomDo is the first affordable hair cutting service offered as an employee benefit with the latest and most convenient way of scheduling through our straight forward and refined website and customized scheduling platform. We park our unit directly on the premises of the companies we are contracted with and their employees simply enter out trailer at the scheduled time of their appointment and enjoy their time getting pampered with the option of continuing to work on their laptops using our roaming WiFi. ZoomDo eliminates the problems of having to call to schedule an appointment, not being able to get in touch with hairdressers, salon wait time, and use of travel expenses and gas. Workers simply schedule their appointment through our online platform and step out of their work premises and straight onto our ZoomDo Unit parked at the premises of their job on their pre-scheduled appointment time.

Our Unit

ZoomDo is a Self Contained Custom 34 ft. trailer, equipped with 5 chairs and 5 Shampoo bowls, lounge area and restroom. This unit is also climate controlled with two 15000 BTU AC Units. ZoomDo also has Wi-Fi to allow workers to utilize while getting pampered and continue to work if need be.