Partner with ZoomDo

ZoomDo is the premier mobile salon & barbershop servicing corporations Monday to Friday and caters events and non profits on the weekend. The ZoomDo unit is a climate controlled, self-contained, and self-supporting enclosed unit (water, trash) and does not require a hookup to local facilities.
For employees, ZoomDo has created their service into an employee benefit removing the frustration of having to drive and wait in line at your typical brick and mortar chain salon or barbershop for on the go working men and woman. For companies and property management firms, ZoomDo provides a competitive advantage in the form of attraction, retention and productivity.


Many companies have realized the perks of mobile services to attract top tier employees. Many progressive Fortune 500 Companies are currently using mobile haircutting as one of many services to attract employees.


Benefits have been linked very closely with employee loyalty and employees see benefits as an important reason to stay with an employer. Over 70% of employees who are satisfied with their benefits are loyal to their employer. Convenience benefits such as mobile barbershops are used and valued by 30% of employees between the ages of 20-45.


It is no secret that a happier employee is a more productive one. The average male receives a haircut every 3-4 weeks and the average female every 8 weeks, and is often forced to leave work early or take a long lunch causing undue employee stress and resulting in hours of lost time for employers.


As part of the ZoomDo Network employees receive various specials on services. Companies can take pride in knowing that their employees are getting a great service, improving their well being all the while increasing their productivity.